Amelie Hinrichsen

craftsmanship, design, (sound)art & research



Amelie’s workshop for experiential spaces develops innovative communication and  staging strategies for social, sustainable, and cultural companies as well as institutions.

Because Amelie looks back on a reliable network of collaborators coming from the fields of art, design, electronics, computing, crafts, and production, project teams are arranged according to the individual needs of clients.



Amelie Hinrichsen aims to draw attention to issues she is passionate about like awareness of social interaction and a careful use of resources. She approaches these ideas from both general and individual perspectives.

Her work ranges from filmmaking to product and interface design, all of which explore the relationship between sound, movement, and materiality.

Amelie investigates how these elements can inform personal experience, especially within a performative context, by combining theoretical research with practical experiments. She believes personal experiences create emotions, which in turn constitute attitudes.