Instrumentalisieren (Instrumentalize)

kick-off workend: translating speculative concert review into mock ups, photo: amelie hinrichsen


As a guest lecturer at the Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau, Amelie Hinrichsen tought design students how to create new musical instruments for a performative context. Participants were introduced to a design process based on improvisation techniques stemming from contemporary dance. They explored experimental ways of making music by inventing routines and movement patterns merging the musician with the instrument. Resulting prototypes focused on acoustics sound generation sometimes adding the layer of digital sound synthisis.

kick-off workend: writing a speculative concert review, photo: amelie hinrichsen
kick-off workend: making sound collages with collected sounds, photo: amelie hinrichsen
kick-off workend: soldering preamps and piezo microphones to record structured born sounds