Tauko @ Berlin Fashion Week

  • Research at Industrial Laundrette

Tauko Design – modular Trade Fair Stand, Fashion Week Berlin 2018

TAUKO is a finish fashion label which uses high quality recycled materials for production. In October 2017 Amelie Hinrichsen was asked to design and develop a modular system for presenting TAUKOS new collection at the Fashion Week Berlin. The Design was inspired by the aesthetics of the sites where TAUKO’s raw materials come from – textile maintenance services. Textiles that cannot be used anymore are sorted out and re-used as raw materials.Around all the machines, robotics and people, that treat the textiles, the most prominent elements of the plant are the metal framed containers. Their iconic appearance showed their possibility for metamorphosis at the very beginning of the design process and became therefore the key elements of the stand.Modules are designed as independent entities based on original container parts. Three different frame sizes and the connection of single elements by metal tubes or wooden sheets turn modules into hangers, tables or displays.

Therefor the design can easily be modified for different spaces and uses.