Choreographic Coding Lab Nairobi

rehearsing at Goethe Institut Nairobi, photo david Rittershaus and Goethe Institut Nairobi

Choreographic Coding Lab Nairobi

In March 2017 Amelie Hinrichsen was invited to the Choreographic Coding Production Lab in Nairobi. The Group of international Artists will met for a second time in June for two weeks in Frankfurt (Main) to showcase their collaborative work at NODE17 .

In the Choreographic Coding Production Lab Nairobi #CCLNRB an interdisciplinary group of eight Kenyan and German artists are commissioned to exchange, collaborate and develop a common project to be premiered at the German festival NODE17 Forum for Digital Arts in Frankfurt (Main).

#CCLNRB artists are Melisa Allela, Benjamin van Bebber, Amelie Hinrichsen, Leo Hofmann, Alacoque Ntome, Awuor Onyango, Jared Onyango and Else Tunemyr.

In their two weeks encounter, the artists are discussing “hope” as a usually positively perceived yet ambiguous concept: Is a state of hope actually encouraging? What is the difference between hope and optimism? Doesn’t hope always come with anxiety?