aus(sen)atmen (2012)

aus(sen)atmen is an interactive installation, and result of a 3 month lasting research process dealing with the representation of movement in space. Based on the notion of body and space referring to Waldenfels and Nancy  this piece illustrates how movement actively affects the space around us. By a pulsmeter a dancer is regulating the frequency of three fans, inflatable objects seam to breath in and out according to the heartbeat. By that an invisible aspect of movement gets manifested in space and aims for a rewarding combination of dance and technology. This project was Amelie Hinrichsens final project for her studies at the University of the Arts and it was awarded the DMY Young Talents Jury Award in 2013.

Many thanks for participating in the process to:
Tian Rottenveel, Ana Jelusic and Annegret Schalke

Further thanks to Prof. Axel Kufus, Prof. Nik Haffner, Christian Zöllner
and Prof. Dr. Ing. Johann Habakuk Israel.


project review on minimum

Poesie, aber keine, die sich anbiedert. Und deshalb unbedingt einer Auszeichnung würdig.